I worked on a large team within AKQA to build and maintain the AudiUSA website. This website had many moving parts: a CMS, a backend database of the Audi car inventory and dealerships, and a complex front-end. Since our team was large, we had to communicate regularly across client-facing partners, content authors, QA testers, back-end developers, and front-end developers.

Technologies used included: Backbone, CoffeeScript, SASS, HTML, Mocha, Grunt, and Vagrant.
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AudiUSA website on mobile, tablet, desktop Image credit: AKQA

In my time at AKQA, I worked on several different components of the website, including the car configurator, reusable carousels, navigations, shopping tools, bug fixes, and more. Our team was large and we were constantly iterating on improving the website. In addition to working on the existing site, my team and I created a prototype of the site using React in order to improve its performance and simplify the complex front-end.